Best Tartan Blankets for Autumn and Winter

Best Tartan Blankets for Autumn and Winter

As the days begin to get frostier, and the sun seems to set much earlier, we can’t help but get excited for Winter to fully arrive. Working with some wonderful artisans means we’re all set to get cosy under gorgeous, warm throw tartan blankets that are made with sustainability and people in mind.

Founded in 2014, the Tartan Blanket Co. was created with warmth, comfort and, most importantly, sustainability at the forefront of their vision. From the early ideas to the finer details of production and distribution, Emma and Fergus have been committed to leaving behind only the most positive impact on the planet – as well as creating some of the cosiest blankets you’ll ever curl up with!

Best Tartan Blanket Tartan Blanket Co.

How is a recycled wool Tartan Blanket made?

The process begins with designs thoughtfully created in Scotland, inspired by it’s rustic history and traditional Scots style. Then, working with a family business based in India and Inner Mongolia, the designs are brought to life using 100% recycled fibers, comprising at least 70% wool and the remaining percentage of recycled manmade fibers. This blend is both durable and soft, while reusing unwanted materials that will otherwise go to landfill. Once each piece has been woven from this recycled yarn, they are finished by hand before making their way to Scotland.

Best Tartan Blanket Tartan Blanket Co.

How is the wool recycled?

With an excess of unwanted woollen garments at their disposal, the process of sortation begins at the mills. Garments are separated by fibre with any embellishments removed, and are then separated again by colour, washed and dried naturally in the sun. Certain colours are dyed using AZO free dye to achieve the quintessentially Scottish colours that make up the many varieties of tartan blankets. Once these fibres are coloured and broken down, they are combined with manmade fibres into lengthy, durable yarn, ready for weaving.

How is the community supported?

Working closely with their partners in India and Inner Mongolia, Emma and Fergus have brought an authentic new meaning to ‘family business’, spending time at the family-run mills and businesses to ensure a sustainable, traceable supply chain. From working with local dryers, spinners and weavers to choosing to hand finish each Tartan Blanket, the Tartan Blanket Co. are able to support a traditional process carried out by a small community, maintaining complete transparency and control from start to finish.

Better yet, Tartan Blanket Co. have chosen to donate 2% of their revenue to supporting individuals and communities around the world who work hard to protect the planet, as well as offsetting the carbon produced. This is part of their Positive Impact Pledge, and Smiths Emporium are so excited to support them in this fantastic project.

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