Smiths Emporium Furniture Restoration: Behind the scenes

Smiths Emporium Furniture Restoration: Behind the scenes

Not only are Smiths Emporium the experts in locally made, sustainable giftware, but – behind the scenes – we work hard to give preloved furniture a new lease of life. With careful restoration and repair, every piece of furniture that passes through our workshop is made as good as new. From opulent armchairs to rustic dressing tables, we embrace a challenge with open arms.

Curious about our past work? Read on to find out about a small selection of the furniture that we have successfully restored and rehomed.

Large pine cupboard

After being tucked away in a shed for many years, this mid-century tall cupboard was in need of a bit of TLC. We saw past the wear, tear and dirt and imagined just how good it could be when restored.

First, the worn and decayed veneer was removed, revealing a beautiful pine finish beneath. Next, the outer shell needed treatment for woodworm. If left untreated, woodworm can lead to weakened wood, but fortunately, we caught this early. Next, the lower cabinet doors were repaired, and the upper cabinet doors removed to create a stunning, open display case.

After a lick of twilight blue paint to compliment the pine interior, this cupboard has been serving us well in the shop. Regal yet rustic, there’s plenty of space to display all kinds of wares, making it suitable for any room.

Restored pine cupboard


Mirrored counter

Having arrived with the pine cupboard, we knew at once that this would be a real showstopper! After removing the decayed veneer, we sanded back the entire unit to assess the original wood. The mirror was in well-loved but fantastic condition, making it suitable to keep as the heart and soul of the piece.

We finished the counter with a rich emerald green paint, maintaining it’s elegance but adding a unique touch of brightness.

Restored mirror counter

Victorian-style washstand

The exquisitely patterned tiles are what initially drew us to this piece. However, as soon as we brought this into the workshop, we found the marble slab to be in beautiful, eye-catching condition.

We removed several years of old varnish from the wood, then stained it with a rich, espresso stain, followed by a coat of high quality, nourishing varnish.

The marble only required a delicate clean. We found some signs of wear on this, but decided to leave these marks as is as a stamp of the furniture’s long history.

Restored Victorian washstand

Oak Coffer

Dating back to the 18th century, this stunning oak coffer boasts solid, intricate craftsmanship. It has been speculated that the wood used to build this may have come from parts of old ships, giving it a unique history, and making it one of our oldest pieces to restore!

Using our special cleaning mix, we managed to bring out the intricate carvings and really make them shine. The mechanisms to open the chest have been repaired to ensure they can withstand a lifetime. Other than this, very little needed doing to this oak coffer. With some stunning changing shades of oak, this is a true statement piece for any room.

Restored oak coffer

Have an enquiry?

If you have a piece of furniture that you would like repaired or revamped, Smiths Emporium would be happy to discuss the details. Simply drop us a message at, or visit our repairs page for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our furniture restoration adventures.

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